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Discover Your Path: College and Career Prep Activity Book is an engaging and interactive guide designed for 6th-grade students. Packed with affirmation coloring pages, puzzles, and insightful exercises, this book empowers young minds to explore future career options, plan their educational journey, and cultivate essential life skills. With diverse and inclusive content, this activity book fosters self-discovery, equipping students for success in higher education and beyond. Start navigating towards a brighter future today!

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The 'Discover Your Path: College and Career Prep Activity Book,' the ultimate resource for students to unlock their potential and steer toward an exciting future! This book is like having your own personal guide, jam-packed with fun and engaging activities that turn learning into an adventure. The book includes over 40 activities designed for sixth-grade students and up.

The book helps students identify interests, passions, skills and the influences that can impact the education and career path a student chooses. Inside these pages, students will discover a treasure trove of activities: vibrant affirmation coloring pages, mind-bending puzzles, and thought-provoking exercises. Each activity is an opportunity to explore passions, uncover new horizons, and start plotting the course toward their dreams.

But here's the kicker—this book isn't just about fun and games; it's a magic toolkit designed to help students navigate their educational journey. By diving into these activities, students gain a deeper understanding of themselves, set ambitious goals, and acquire skills that will be their secret weapon as they embark on different pathways.

What makes this book even cooler? It's a celebration of diversity! Bursting with activities that resonate with everyone, no matter their background or aspirations. Students will meet characters just like them and others who are a world apart, each with their own incredible stories and adventures.

As students flip through these pages, they'll embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery, exploring various career industries, all aimed at getting them ready for the exciting road ahead, including college and beyond. The activities are designed to spark conversations around preparing for the future.

So, jump right in, enjoy every moment, and let this book be your trusted companion as you map out your next steps. Embrace the journey, explore your interests, and let your brilliance shine through! Check out more of Mission 2 Transition™ college and career prep services to aid your students in navigate the path to enrollment, enlistment or employment.

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