One-on-One Sessions

Navigating the path to your ideal college or career can be a daunting journey, often hindered by a myriad of barriers. Whether these challenges are financial, motivational, or rooted in limited access to higher education planning resources, Mission 2 Transition™ is dedicated to eliminating these obstacles.

Our one-on-one services are meticulously crafted to not only guide you but also to remove the barriers that stand in your way. We offer comprehensive support in critical planning areas, including:

1. Academic History Review and Activity Advising: We assess your academic journey and extracurricular activities to provide informed guidance, ensuring your educational pursuits align with your goals.

2. Self-Discovery: We facilitate a process of self-discovery, helping you unearth your passions, strengths, and aspirations, which form the foundation of your educational and career decisions.

3. Financial Aid and Affordability: We demystify the complexities of financial aid, scholarships, and affordability, ensuring that financial constraints don’t impede your dreams.

4. College Research and College List Building: We assist you in meticulously researching colleges and building a tailored list that aligns with your objectives and preferences.

5. Decision and Transition Assistance: We offer support during the pivotal decision-making phase and guide you through the transition into your chosen educational or career path.

With Mission 2 Transition™, you not only receive expert guidance but also gain access to a pathway free from the barriers that often hinder success. We are here to help you discover your potential, design your future, and achieve your academic and career aspirations. 


After your free consultation, you will be able to choose from our:


90 Minute Strategy Session – $300

5-Hour Planning Block – $999 (choose up to 3 of critical college planning areas to focus on)

Comprehensive Package – Contact for Pricing (One full school year of college application navigation support)

Hourly Session – $200 per hour (minimum 10 hours)