Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Transition to High School Program for?

A: The Transition to High School Program is for students and families who are looking to make informed decisions about high school and post-secondary options. The program is student-centered, engaging students in the process of making sound decisions and providing a holistic perspective on the process.

Q: How long is the Transition to High School Program?

A: The Transition to High School Program is six weeks long. It includes 4 weeks of student-centered education and career action planning, a reality fair, a student showcase and family night, and youth experiences such as career fairs and a youth leadership summit.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment with Mission 2 Transition?

A: You can schedule an appointment with us by clicking here or contacting us by email at or by phone at 602.753.7029.

Q: What are the benefits of attending a Career Fair?

A: Attending a Career Fair is a great way for students to explore different careers and gather information about different industries. It provides students the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, learn about different career paths, and gain valuable information about post-secondary education options.

Q: How does Mission 2 Transition assist families in making informed decisions?

A: Mission 2 Transition provides education and career planning support that is tailored to youth’s interests and skills, aligned with career and education opportunities that cultivate a generational wealth and well-being ecosystem. Our goal is to assist families in making informed decisions and navigating the complex challenge of finding the right high school and post-secondary options for their children.

How can college planning services help my child navigate the college application process and increase their chances of acceptance?

College planning services can play a vital role in helping your child navigate the college application process and enhance their chances of acceptance. These services are designed to provide expert guidance and support throughout every step of the application journey. Here are several ways in which college planning services can assist your child:

  1. Personalized Guidance: College planning services offer personalized assistance tailored to your child’s unique strengths, interests, and aspirations. They help students explore various colleges and universities that align with their academic goals and provide valuable insights into specific admission requirements.

  2. College Selection: Choosing the right college can be overwhelming, considering the multitude of options available. College planning services can help narrow down the choices based on your child’s academic profile, career interests, preferred location, and other relevant factors. They can provide comprehensive information on various institutions, including admission statistics, campus culture, and academic programs.

  3. Application Strategy: College planning services can help your child develop a strategic approach to the application process. They guide students in preparing an effective application timeline, organizing required documents, and prioritizing tasks to ensure all deadlines are met. Moreover, they assist in crafting a compelling personal statement and preparing for interviews if necessary.

  4. Standardized Test Prep: Many college planning services offer resources and support for standardized test preparation, such as the SAT or ACT. They provide access to study materials, practice tests, and expert tips to help your child achieve their best possible score. By improving test performance, your child can enhance their college prospects.

  5. Extracurricular and Resume Development: College applications often require students to showcase their extracurricular involvement, leadership experiences, and community service. College planning services can guide your child in identifying meaningful activities, highlighting their accomplishments, and presenting them effectively on their resume or activity list.

  6. Financial Aid and Scholarships: College planning services can assist in navigating the complex world of financial aid and scholarships. They provide information on various sources of funding, guide your child in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or other financial aid forms, and help them explore scholarship opportunities.

  7. Application Review and Feedback: College planning services often offer comprehensive application review services. Experts review your child’s application materials, including essays, resumes, and recommendation letters, providing valuable feedback for improvement. This process helps ensure that your child’s application is polished and presents their best qualities to admissions committees.

By utilizing the expertise and guidance of college planning services, your child can gain a competitive edge in the college application process. These services empower students to make informed decisions, showcase their strengths effectively, and increase their chances of acceptance to their desired colleges and universities.

What specific services or resources does your college planning program offer to help students explore and select appropriate colleges?

College Search Assistance: We assist students in identifying colleges that align with their academic interests, career goals, preferred location, campus culture, and other relevant factors. Our program provides access to comprehensive databases and resources that contain detailed information on a wide range of colleges and universities.

Expert Guidance: Our experienced college counselors are dedicated to providing personalized guidance throughout the college exploration process. They work closely with students, taking into account their individual strengths, interests, and aspirations, to recommend suitable colleges that will nurture their academic and personal growth.

Admission Statistics and Profiles: Our program provides access to comprehensive admission statistics and profiles of colleges. This includes information on acceptance rates, average test scores, GPA requirements, and demographics of admitted students. Such data can help students assess their competitiveness and make informed decisions when considering various colleges.

College Comparison Tools: We offer online tools and resources that allow students to compare colleges based on various parameters, such as academic programs, campus size, student-faculty ratio, and extracurricular opportunities. These tools enable students to evaluate different colleges and make informed decisions based on their preferences and priorities.

Alumni Network and Student Connections: Our program facilitates connections with alumni from various colleges and universities. Students can benefit from their insights, experiences, and advice regarding college selection and application strategies. We also provide opportunities for students to connect with current college students who can offer valuable perspectives on campus life and academic programs.

College Admissions Workshops: We conduct workshops to educate students about the college admissions process, including application requirements, essay writing, recommendation letters, and interview preparation. These workshops equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the application process successfully.

By offering these services and resources, our college planning program aims to empower students to make informed decisions and find the colleges that best fit their academic goals, personal preferences, and aspirations. We understand that each student is unique, and our program is designed to provide personalized support throughout the college exploration and selection journey.


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